In April 2016 in the framework of international Erasmus+ Module Jean Monnet grant project "Implementing the environmental security strategy: European experience integration" 562,284-EPP-1-2015-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE a special course was read by an assistant professor Inna Korenyeva to distance studying undergraduate students majoring at "Biology". The course teaching made it possible to increase students’ responsibility level for preserving the environment for the benefit of future generations and to increase the information on the environment and the information of environmental direction.

Course materials interested students: in the centre of their attention there were the issues of the European Union environmental legislation, comparing the basic requirements of the EU and Ukraine ecological security, the possibility of using EU experience in building a stable society in Ukraine etc. A series of multimedia presentations during the lectures enabled to visualize and structure the course material. Creative teacher’s and students’ cooperation in organizing and implementing differentiated individual work and lively discussions during practical classes helped to activate students’ cognitive activity, gave the opportunity to point out the course topics that require deep studying. Final tests according to the course modules demonstrated a sufficient level of learning.

The course has become an integral part of professional training of highly qualified specialist in the educational pedagogic field. The special course studying completed with a credit. Congratulations to the students of 50-31-B group with the successful completing "Implementing the environmental security strategy: the European experience integration" training course.