Training course

The issue of promoting the EU experience in the field of environmental security, students forming the European level ecological and pedagogical culture will be facilitated by training course for future teachers: "Implementing the environmental security strategy: integrating the European experience". For present students will have a unique opportunity to develop holistic knowledge on global environmental security, to become active participants in discussing and studying international policies in this area, which will contribute to the students ecological and pedagogical culture forming and  promoting the EU countries experience in the development and implementation of the environmental safety.

Introducing the training course "Implementing the environmental security strategy: integrating the European experience" at Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University will form the high environmental competence level of  intending teachers, an important component of which is the ability to use the European experience. Teaching the course will give the opportunity to:

-increase the share of environmental information and environmentally directed information;

-begin creating the network of regional environmental education centers on the educational institutions basis that will open up the possibility to carry out teachers training, professional development of teachers and local self-government state official bodies and executive authorities of the northern region of Ukraine;

-obtain a high level of modern generation responsibility for the environmental protection for the future.

Innovative character of the specialized course "Implementing the environmental security strategy: integrating the European experience" is proved by the fact that the environmental security study has not been examined in any European Jean Monnet studios yet, which were implemented on the territory of Ukraine. The course introduction will not only give a range of students who will have certain environmental safety competences on the European experience, but also give highly qualified intending teachers who will bear the experience and knowledge obtained in the educational institutions of all the educational levels, passing it to a wide range of pupils, students, teachers and other interested strata of the population.


It is planned to have 4 sections during training course implementing:

1. The European Union environmental education.
This section explains the ecocentric paradigm as the environmental education basis in European countries; environmental education as a leading factor in Europe national politics. The European special environmental education programs and environmental education projects for school children characteristics are given.


2.The legal basis on environmental security in the European Union.
This section investigates forming and current state features of EU policy in the field of ecology and environmental protection. The EU framework legislation for high level environmental protection ensuring is studied in detail. The role of general European environmental institutions in solving environmental problems in the EU is examined.


3. The international public organizations activities is aimed at environmental protecting and the natural environment saving.
The section aimed at students getting acquaintance with the European, public organizations, non-governmental agencies, funds activities dealing with problems of species diversity and wildlife, climate changes, conducting environmental information popularization among the population.


4. Introducing the European experience implementing the environmental safety strategy in Ukraine.
The section deals with the perspectives for the European experience introducing; the Ukrainian government specific actions with the purpose of rapprochement with the EU in solving environmental safety problems, in particular, the Ukraine ecological safety strategy implementing in the international experience context.