In the frameworks of celebrating the 110 years anniversary of signing the International Convention on Birds’ Protection on April 1, 2016 the students of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv national pedagogical university at the initiative of teachers of Theory and methodics of teaching natural sciences chair and students of Natural sciences educational department held a holiday "Day of Birds." The event was aimed at promoting ecological and environmental knowledge, developing interest to birds’ life, informing the public about the importance of bird protecting measures that are taken in our country and the European Union to protect and preserve the feathered population, attracting students’ attention to the problem of maintaining biodiversity.

International environmental holiday "Day of birds" is held annually on April 1, because at this time most birds of Ukraine are returning after wintering. In our country there are 424 species of birds that are an integral part of nature. The Red Book of Ukraine records 87 birds’ species that are found on the territory of Ukraine.

Birds play an important role in society’s life. Representatives of avifauna have significant sanitary and epidemiological impact on human health because they can carry dangerous pathogens such as viruses, the knowledge of birds’ kinds and their migration is necessary and important to study, and also predict and prevent population diseases. Also, birds have an impact on various agriculture sectors. Nowadays pest control remains an actual task for agriculture. At the moment in Hlukhiv area there are about 400 pests’ species that require special measures. In such circumstances, birds’ value increases as birds’ usage for this purpose is relatively cheap and environmentally friendly way to fight with these pests. Birds play an important role in the aesthetic design of vacation places. Their appearance and singing has a positive effect on mood. A qualitative vacation improves job efficiency and productivity that is why protecting and attracting birds is quite an important thing.

Thus, preserving species diversity is a fundamental principle of environmental protection. In view of the great environmental, health preserving, recreational avifauna value preserving birds’ biodiversity and promoting the knowledge is particularly relevant.

World Community is considered to be coordinated actions aimed at protecting and restoring wild birds’ populations. International instruments that are aimed at strengthening birds’ preservation and spreading cooperation in this field are the Convention on biological diversity, the Convention on the protection of wild flora and fauna and natural habitats in Europe, the Convention on the migratory species of wild animals preservation, the Convention on wetlands that have international importance and others. Within the framework of Ukraine Association Agreement and the European Union the steps for implementing the Directive 2009/147 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council from November 30, 2009 on the wild birds’ protection are made.

While conducting the "Day of birds" the students of 41-B and 32-B groups of Natural sciences educational department acquainted the stakeholders with the main regulations of implementing the Directive 2009/147 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council on wild birds’ protection and the level of its implementation in environmental legislation of Ukraine. During the day there was organized students’ wall newspapers review, which informed about the history of "Day of birds», international and European legal documents on preserving different kinds of birds. There was also held a competition among students and teachers on the best knowledge of birds’ biology and ecology. It was rather interesting to solve a "bird" crossword. In addition, the event was accompanied by birds’ singing and topical songs. All participants received badges depicting birds.

Let’s remember that during the mass breeding of wild animals from April 1 till June 15, it is forbidden to conduct works and activities that are a source of increased noise and disturbance (shooting, blasting, fireworks, sanitary works, use of small motor vehicles, holding rallies and other events in vehicles). Save the birds for our descendants!