On February 16, 2016 at Sumy state university was held the scientific seminar on the topic: «The features of forming European environmental policy: a useful experience for Ukraine» in the frameworks of implementing international grant project Erasmus+, Jean Monnet Module «Implementing the environmental security strategy: the European Union experience integration» 562284-EPP-1-2015-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE».

The seminar was attended by over 80 listeners: students, graduate students and lecturers from the applied ecology chair at Sumy state university. Scientific coordinator of the grant project – the head of Life Security and Physical education and health education chair, Technical Sciences candidate, assistant professor Olena Mel’nyk told about international experience of the European countries in the field of forming ecosafety policy, environmental legal basis and environmental education in the EU countries.

The final part of the report was devoted to implementing European environmental policy into the national legal system of Ukraine.

The report of Olena Mel’nyk provoked lively discussion among the participants. The main topic for discussion was the problem that now stands on the way for implementing innovative component of European environmental legislation in Ukraine. The participants concluded that one of the important issues on the way to rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU in the environmental field is the lack of qualified specialists in European environmental law and the lack of decisive actions by our government.

One of the ways of overcoming these obstacles is the educational greening programs using European experience at all training levels (from kindergarten to training institutions). In addition, it is necessary to form in the active Ukrainian public the clear ecocentric position that will be able to influence the actions of the Ukrainian government in real time.

The implementation of this international project is one of the ways to popularizing European values and standards in the field of environmental protection in Ukrainian society. 


The lecture for Sumy state university ecologists within the frameworks of Module Jean Monnet (view at SSU site)