Seminar «European Movement for Environmental Protection: Prospects for Ukraine»


May 17, 2018 at Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University in the department of Preschool Education within the framework of the Grant Program Erasmus+, direction of Jean Monnet, held a regional scientific-methodical seminar «European Movement for Environmental Protection: Prospects for Ukraine».

The seminar was attended by the teachers of Preschool Education faculty, the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, preschool institutions employees of the city and district, the teachers and the students of Putyvl College, students of the bachelor's program of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University, the representative of the local authority.

The theme of the seminar was actualized by the real state of the natural environment in the world and Ukraine in particular, by the European integration processes and the need to implement the experience of European countries in creating environmental safety and implementing sustainable development ideas.

The realization of the interdependence of man and nature is reflected in the ideas of sustainable, environmentally balanced development, which implies the harmonization of environmental, economic and social factors for the development of society; the balance of human consumption and the possibilities of nature for self-recovery; the rights and interests of present and future generations.

The purpose of seminar was to exchange information on important methodological, organizational and substantive and procedural aspects of environmental safety in the context of sustainable development in the European Union and the possibility of their implementation by Ukraine.


In the course of the seminar the participants discussed topical issues in the following areas:

  1. Environmental education in the European countries
  2. The problem of domestic wastes reprocessing in the European countries.
  3. The prospects for alternative energy sources using in the European countries.
  4. European Environmental protection organizations.
  5. Evironmental expertise of the EU for Ukraine.
  6. The issue of protecting the natural environment of Hlukhivshchyna.

Especially interested were the next reports: «Environmental Science and Education for Sustainable Development: Points of Intersection and Prospects for Interaction» (Rudyshyn Serhii Dmytrovych); «Implementation of Environmental Projects in the European Union»» (Liudmyla Petrivna Zahorodnia); «Sustainable Development Goals as the Meaningful Reference Point for Education for Sustainable Development» (Inna Mykolaivna Korenieva); «Household Waste in Ukraine and the EU: Volume and State of Circulation»» (Iryna Hryhorivna Danylchenko).

The participants in the seminar expressed particular interest to the report of Hrytsenko Liudmyla Yakivna on the theme of «Preschoolers’ Ecological education from the position of a new educational paradigm» Hrytsenko Liudmyla Yakivna is a preschool teacher and methodist of preschool institution «Zhuravka» (Hlukhiv)».

Seminar participants expressed great interest by the students’ reports in particular, the report of Sheremet Viktoriia Viktorivna, student of Higher Communal Educational Establishment of Sumy Regional Council «Putyvl Pedagogical College named by S. V. Rudniev». On the theme of «Environmental Education Implementation and Upbringing Through Experimental-Naturalistic Work on Environmental Protection of Hlukhivshchyna» and Vasylenko Olha Oleksiivna, Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University student on the theme of «Analysis of Alternative Energy Sources Introduction in Modern Homes».

In summarising the seminar, the speakers focused on the number of positive aspects, they are:

  • multidimensional nature of the problem under discussion;
  • drawing attention of the college students, university students, employees of the preschool institutions, candidates of pedagogical sciences, Doctors of Science and doctoral students to deal with the seminar questions;
  • the possibility of using the heard interesting information in their work practice;
  • the evidence of close cooperation of science and practice in solving the problem of environmental safety and education in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the participants of the seminar – the employees of the pedagogical College and preschool institutions’ teachers, received as a gift the book «European Experience in Ensuring Questions of Environmental Security». The authors of this book are the project team members: Melnyk O. S., Korenieva I. M., Zahorodnia L. P.,Danylchenko I. H., and the collection of environmental tales for senior preschoolers «Mariichyni Sny» (authors of the book are: Korenieva I. M., Miskova I. M., Yeremenko N. S. ).

Especially gift, the book «Bases of Biogeochemistry» (training manual for university students) from Rudyshyn Serhii Dmytrovych, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, received the student of Putyvl College

At last, Zahorodnia L. P. suggested to organize the training workshops, dedicated to environmental education, security, sustainable development every year at Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University