Practice of treating the solid waste in Ukraine and EU experience: format debate at the University"


On February 20, 2018 a debate was held at the O. Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University in the frames of the project "Implementing environmental safety strategy: European experience integration" (European Union grant programme Erasmus + Jean Monnet 562284-EPP- 1-2015-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE).

The expert audience of the game was presented by Assoc. Prof. – Olena Melnyk, Oleksandr Blahosmyslov and Iryna Danyl’chenko; Doctoral students - Lyudmyla Zahorodnya and Inna Koreneva. The debate was attended by the head of the communal services department of the Hlukhiv Town Council, Mariya Seheda. Participation in the debate was taken by the deputy of the Hlukhiv Town Council, Inna Savyts’ka.

The judge and speaker roles on the debate were presented by the assistant of the rector Volodymyr Lyubyvy.

The plot (discussion) of the debate was determined by drawing a draw: "This Chamber will introduce innovations into the system of solid household waste management based on the EU practice".

Members of the Debate Round:

First Government: Yuliya Shapoval and Serhiy Korneychuk.

Second Government: Kateryna Lytvyn and Halyna Rykovs’ka.

First Opposition: Darya Bokova and Tetyana Hudyma.

Second Opposition: Yuliya Hryhorets’ and Maryana Marunchak.

Within the framework of the debates, participants from both Governments presented practices of different EU countries in the field of waste management and considered the possibilities of applying the European experience in introducing new norms of the Ukrainian laws of in the field of household waste management, which came into force on January 1, 2018. The new rules are designed to bring Ukraine's legislation closer to the European standards and comply with the EU Directives 1999/31 / EC and 2008/98 / EC, which regulate handling of rubbish in the European countries.

The opposition party highlighted a number of problems existing currently in Ukraine and hindering the implementation of the European norms, in particular, the lack of funds, investor distrust and the lack of awareness of the current problem among the population.

As a resolution, it was determined that one of the most important tasks for today is promoting ecological thinking and forming conscious attitude of the population towards the environment, in particular due to the responsible attitude towards own domestic waste.

The game's experts noted the importance of the topic of debate as an invitation to practical action for the purpose of disseminating ecological culture, awakening an explicit attitude to environmental issues with the use of the European Union's experience.