European Studying Module at O. Dovzhenko HNPU: 3 years of experience


The project of the international grant program Erasmus + Jean Monet Module has been implementing at O. Dovzhenko HNPU for three years. From October  1st to December 30th , 2017/2018 academic year students of the Preschool and Natural and Mathematics education departments have an opportunity to attend the course "Implementing environmental safety strategy: European experience integration".

Every year, more and more students are interested in European studies. This year 98 students have chosen to attend the specialized European course and obtain systematic knowledge on environmental safety and ways of solving ecological problems in Ukraine and EU countries.

Students who have already joined the program and received certificates confirming the knowledge gained on European integration in the field of environmental safety, disseminate information in the students’ community and share useful experience. The most active students who have decided to continue learning the European environmental issues independently, prepare reports at the conferences, publish scientific articles and take part in activities hold within the framework of implementing the European module under the leadership of the project team members.

The project team hope that obtained knowledge will be useful for students in their professional activities and will help to develop the nature-friendly outlook to future generations!