It is well known that the life quality is determined by a set of material, spiritual, social, demographic, environmental components. In terms of environmental crisis the quality of life begins to decline. That is why, in order to preserve the society and provide a higher level of environmental safety it is necessary to view traditional priorities of human activity which is to be greening. Greening – is the spreading of ecological principles and approaches to Natural and Art sciences, the manufacturing processes and social phenomena. In Ukraine, we stand at the beginning of this important process. To accelerate this processes it is necessary to the study and promote the same experience of neighboring countries, Poland in particular, which is the member of the European Union. Every citizen of the European community concerns with conscious and responsibility for all the consequences of their own activities in the environment. The result of this is the formation of a high level of environmental culture of the population and its environmental education.

Regarding traveling to Poland. Lodz City is located almost in the center of the country and passing through Poland, I could see the widespread use of such renewable wind power industry as windenergy. Typical landscapes of rural Poland are wind turbines that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. For example, wind generation of electricity in the European Union provides in average nearly 10% of energy.

In addition, in the city of Lodz, with more than 700,000 inhabitants, biking pathes are the mandatory part of public roads and create a transport network. The bike stations are located every 0.5-1 km of the road, where anyone can get a city bicycle rental. The city is very clean.

Food and domestic waste treatment (their sorting, reduction of production, etc.) is wideaccepted and wellknown procedure. Paper, plastic, glass, organic waste are sorted.

There are many specific possibilities of greening: a transition to non-waste technologies, the introduction of environmental labeling, careful use of non-renewable resources, energy saving, reforestation, complete disposal of all types of waste to their arrival to the environment and others. Ecological conversion is a term of the inalienable right of every person to use cleaner environment. In today's urbanized world it would be useful to transmit environmental reports describing the environment instead of daily weather forecast.

To improve the environment and thus enhance the environmental safety of our population – is the task for all of us. So thet us popularize ecological knowledge, give examples of ecologically expedient behavior, buy environmentally safe products of local producers, plant forests, sort waste, take away garbage, give the priority to paper and reusable bags for food (not plastic) use public transport (but not own) and bikes !!! Only such our actions as droplets that make up the ocean, can change the ecological situation in our country for the better !!!


With respect and hope for a better future

Inna Koreneva