From 18 to 25 November 2016 in Lodz City (Poland), at the University of Medical and Social Sciences (WSEZiNS) training named "Tools of support the mobility of scientists in EU financial perspective for 2014-2020" was carrie out, it was organized by Foundation of Central European Academy Studies and Certification (CEASC). This foundation led by Mykola Smolinsky organizes the educational projects targeted for representatives of Ukrainian academic community,which are designed to optimize the process of transition of the Ukrainian scientists and teachers to the effective activity within EU programs.

At the workshops training the Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University named after Oleksandr Dovzhenko was represented by the doctoral student of the department of Theories and methods of teaching natural sciences, Ph.D., associate professor Inna Koreneva and Dean’s assistant of Pre-school education department, Ph.D., Irina Danilchenko. During the training the participants received substantial information from the President CEASC Mykola Smolinsky about the three-tier system of higher education and qualification levels of the European educational space. This made it possible to make a comparative assessment of its Ukrainian counterparts. Also they got to know about the levels and principles of recognition of Ukrainian education documents in European educational space and particularities of project planning.

President Assistant WSEZiNS Agnieszka Shpak during her lectures described the adaptation of the curricula and programs of "Pedagogy" to the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework. Special attention was paid to the formation of the curriculum planning with the use of competence approach, including through practical implementation of the principle of of students and teachers mobility as part of the educational process with the use of specialized EU funds.

Tomash Yaniak, lawyer and economist (MBA), director of consulting firm Consulting Group 2027 and a specialist in education and investment projects in his lectures described the bureau of projects that can be created at educational establishment, its place in the university structure, organizational structure and procedures of initiation, verification and implementation of the project at higher educational establishments. Also some part of the lectures was devoted to the ways out of the educational crisis in Poland (up to 2013) including the creation and functioning of the academic careers office in this context. Such bureaus operate on the territory of the majority of Polish universities.

Professor Marcin Honda, Lodz University teacher, an expert on financial analysis, writing, management and reporting of investment projects described the feasibility of international educational projects of the sources of the EU, gave specific examples of the project proposals development and the requirements for the participants of such projects.

Professor Konrad Yendzheychek, Head of Practice Bureau WSEZiNS, gave a series of lectures on the topic "Practical training of students as part of the educational process and the principle of mobility of students and teachers through the use of specialized EU funds".

Overall, training at Central Evropean Academy Studies made it possible to increase our competence in administering of educational projects, form the complete understanding of the integration prospects into the European educational space and expand personal capabilities of the participants. During the training sessions we have gained invaluable experience and worthily represented our University. Due to the coordinated work of the organizers we managed to do everything, even go to the excursions and see the beautiful views of one of the largest cities in Poland - the city of the four cultures - Lodz, get acquainted with the ways of ecological conversion of large cities.

Having finished our training we received certificates and great pleasure communicating with colleagues from different universities of Ukraine.